WGSN Sustainable Fashion Trend Report

Posted at:   19:19

I have received a reply about my enquiry to WGSN about being mentioned within a presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Anne, the presenter, has another presentation coming up that she would like to further reference Shed me Clothes: watch this space as I need to email her back.

She also forwarded me a link to the WGSN Design for sustainable consumption: trend analysis report. Take a look, especially page 6 for Shed me Clothes, it is a very informative and inspiring read.

Here is a print screen of the report which contains the Shed me Clothes reference:

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Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Posted at:   19:01

I recently found out that Shed me Clothes and I were highlighted at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. This is very exciting news to be mentioned at an international Fashion Conference.

I was told that we were mentioned during a WGSN presentation. I am currently trying to contact the trend agency to find out exactly what was said and if there is a potential video I could watch (and upload).

LCF also blogged about taking part in the summit, along with drawing upon my name check: LCF takes part in Copenhagen Fashion Summit

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Enquiries, Enquiries, Enquiries

Posted at:   12:18

I am proud to announce that Shed me Clothes has received two requests for use of imagery this week. Watch this space, it may just happen.

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